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Slabs are the feed material for hot strip mills or plate mills and blooms are rolled to billets in a billet mill or large sections in a structural mill. The output from a strip mill is coiled and, subsequently, used as the feed for a cold rolling mill or used directly by fabricators.

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a high-capacity rolling mill for the reduction, into blooms, of steel ingots of large cross section, with masses up to 12 tons and larger. In some cases a blooming mill is used for the rolling of slabs and also shaped pieces (for heavy I beams, channel iron, and the like).

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Slab Rolling Mills Get Latest Price Our range of products which we supply to the customers are inclusive of a high quality of Slab Rolling Mills which have been manufactured using the best technology available in the market and they have been made using a high quality of raw materials which have been bought from well known vendors.

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A slab is a length of metal that is rectangular in cross-section. It is created directly by continuous casting or indirectly by rolling an ingot on a slabbing mill. Slabs are usually further processed via flat rolling, skelping, and pipe rolling. Common final products include sheet metal, plates, strip metal, pipes, and tubes.

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Steckel rolling mill with and without breakdown stand. One- or two-stand Steckel Double-edged coil boxes for temperature control and heating-up possibility Hot strip mill without breakdown stand. Slabs move directly in a semi-liquid state into the finishing section.

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Continuous casting, also called strand casting, is the process whereby molten metal is solidified into a "semifinished" billet, bloom, or slab for subsequent rolling in the finishing mills. Prior to the introduction of continuous casting in the 1950s, steel was poured into stationary molds to form ingots .

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Shaped rolling or section rolling mill – Shaped rolling mills are bar mill, merchant mill, wire rod mill, structural mill, beam mill, and rail mill. Ring rolling mill – In this mill the donut shape preform is placed between a free turning inside roll and a driven outside roll.


Rolling can be classified as Hot Rolling or Cold Rolling. Hot rolling is carried out above RCT and cold rolling is carried out below RCT. Hot rolling is used to convert ingots to blooms and blooms to billets to slabs to plates, billets to bars, billets to structural shapes. It is used for heavy or thick sections.


mill concept, producing liquid steel by melting scrap and dRi. Other units include a thin slab continuous caster, a hot strip rolling mill and finishing lines with a capacity of 1.3 million tpy of hRc. The plant utilizes conventional, technological and innovative features designed to enhance its capabilities and

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Timet Products Slab. We supply commercially pure and alloy material with near-net CHM slabs and forged VAR slabs ready for your rolling mill.

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Rolling Mill Machinery: Rolling Mill and EOT Cranes (Electric Overhead Traveling Crane) The hot steel in rolling mills requires high-performance machinery for handling and transport. In order to remain malleable, these slabs and billets must often be moved at .

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A rolling mill is used to straighten and/or change the thickness of sheet metal, slabs, or ingots. Rolling mills can also be used to add texture and shape to metals depending on the need and the rollers that are installed in the machines.

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Drive for rolling mill calibration unit Adjustment of calibration roller as a worm gearbox Not only the slab thickness must be maintained on the rolled steel slabs, but also the width and length of the slabs. During the rolling process the slabs are pressed by a calibrating instrument that works on both sides.

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For this, hot slabs at a certain time are sent to a thermostat, where the temperature is equalized along their section and length, whereupon the slabs can be fed to the rolling mill. This achieves .


Danieli Centro Combustion furnace portfolio for slabs and plates upstream the rolling mill includes walking beam furnaces producing up to 450 tph, pusher furnaces, roller hearth tunnel furnaces and .

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Jun 19, 2011 · The red hot steel slab is manipulated into position first, then blast by high pressure water jets to descale the surface The slab then passed through the mill stands to roll the slab .

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High quality sheet ingots -- or rolling slabs -- are used in rolling mills for manufacturing aluminium foil and sheet products. Much of the rolling slabs we sell to customers are ultimately used for the production of a variety of consumer items, such as, foils, containers and utensils.

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DONGCHEN is an experienced steel slab grinding machine manufacturer based in China. Our products include metal peeling machine, section steel rolling mill equipment, precision grinding equipment, downhole drilling motor and much more.

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Rolling mills are not a standard machine tool, nor are they built for stock. They are designed and built-to-order to specifically accomplish an end product or process. At one point during the industrial revolution in America, the United States led the world in hot and cold rolling, plate mills, slabbing mills and blooming mills.

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Hot Rolling / Rolling Mills The primary function of the Hot Strip Mill is to reheat semi-finished steel slabs of steel nearly to their melting point, then roll them thinner and longer and finally coiling up the lengthened steel sheet for transport to the next process.

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In a rolling mill a steel slab is reduced in thickness by rolling between two driven work rolls in a mill stand (Figure I). The Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Variations A steel rolling mill processes steel slabs .

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By hot rolling, it is possible to reduce a slab of about 600 mm thickness down to plate material with thicknesses of 6 – 250 mm and further down as low as 2 mm for subsequent cold rolling to sheet with thicknesses as low as 0.2 mm.

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a high-output rolling mill designed for the pressure shaping of large ingots weighing up to 45 tons into large, flat billets, called slabs. Slabs are a semifinished product used in the manufacture of wide sheets. Unlike blooming mills or blooming-slabbing mills, slabbing mills are highly specialized .

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Machinery International's success in the rolling mill industry has been derived from the ability to supply rolling mill machinery for many applications, the capability to help customers in the analysis of their rolling mill machinery applications and the access to a large inventory of rolling mills located in our warehouses in the United .

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The twin coiler hot rolling mill, supplied by Danieli, increased capacity from 150,000 tpy to 225,000 tpy. Along side the hot mill, a new plate shear, slab preheating furnace, and bar mill (to remove the skin of the rolling slab) were installed.

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Distributor of used slab rolling mills. Plate and hot strip mills are available. Continuous and semi-continuous, vertical and horizontal mills are offered. Used for machining steel and aluminum materials. Offered in different specifications. Products sold EOK or rebuilt. Inventory may vary. Also .

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In rolling mills, intermediate steel products are given their final shape and dimension in a series of shaping and finishing operations. Most of the slabs are heated in reheating furnaces and rolled into final shape in hot– or cold–rolling or finishing mills.

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Industry: 3312—Steel Works, Blast Furnaces (Including Coke Ovens), and Rolling Mills Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hot metal, pig iron, and silvery pig iron from iron ore and iron and steel scrap; converting pig iron, scrap iron, and scrap steel into steel; and in hot-rolling iron and steel into basic shapes, such as plates, sheets, strips, rods, bars, and tubing.

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Slab detection and width confirmation when pushing the slab with high power Optical Barrier VE/VR. Slab accurate positioning with Laser Sensors Dilas FT before pushing the slab inside the furnace. Discharging. Slab detection inside reheat furnace with high power Laser Barrier VLP21/VRH.

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Metinvest Trametal rolling mill is a quarto universal reversing mill with automatic gauge control and it is designed for production of 600 ktonnes/year. Slabs In its yard Metinvest Trametal may store up to 80.000 tons of material.